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Starting to Feel Like Maybe “Being Your Own Boss” Isn’t Really All It’s Cracked Up to Be? It’s Time to Bring More Happiness Back to Your Days!

Let’s be real: You started your business because you wanted the lifestyle. You desperately craved the freedom and flexibility that you thought would come from being able to craft your own days.

But if you’re like most business owners, at some point, your business stopped helping you have a life–and instead, it became your whole life.

And now? You feel guilty if you have to step away for even a few hours to run an errand, pick a little one up from school or grab a glass of wine or late lunch. What gives?

The truth is, you deserve to be happy and run a business full of happy clients!

But if right now you feel like there just aren’t enough hours in the day or you’re pulling one too many 16-hour days or you honestly regret wanting to be your own boss in the first place (sometimes), good news: It doesn’t have to be that way!

Join me on January 17th, 24nd, 31th at 11:30 am for this FREE webinar, 5 Steps to Greater Happiness in Life & Business, and you’ll learn a few simple, healthy habits you can implement to put some happiness (and balance) back into your business–and (finally) set you on the path to your dream lifestyle.

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What You'll Learn In This Webinar

Create Structure

A foolproof way to create structure in your days so you can work less and live more–without ruining your productivity.

Take Back Control

How to reduce stress, boost creativity and sweat the small stuff way less with just one powerful daily habit.

Rise with Positive Vibes

Three other simple techniques you can implement to keep yourself (and your clients) delightfully happy–including the proven mood enhancer almost all successful entrepreneurs use.

About Your Host

Amatullah "Mami Chi" Shabazz is a professional in the financial industry, accomplished mother of 4, host of High Vibrations Radio (coming back soon) and a serial entrepreneur. She runs a full service financial services company, mindset and business and consulting company and digital marketing firm. 

Mami Chi has grown her company from ground up to 6 figures over the course of years in business through practices of self mastery and alternative education. And that's what she will teach you in this amazing webinar.

More than ever we should be aware and actively conscious of what and how we speak of our realities. When the mindset is fine tuned for our success we envision and we activate that very reality we seek!

Mami Chi will show you how she over came post-pardon depression, ending a draining relationship, running a financially beneficial business and being an active parent for 4 amazing children. The journey is very possible when the right steps are in place the results will bring much peace and success to your everyday lives.

What People Say About My Webinar

This live webinar is everything that you need to kickstart your path to the mindset rest you have been longing for, giving you the freedom to work at your own schedule and be your own boss with the mental clarity it takes to be successful and happy.

This Webinar Is Always Full!

Secure your seat right now so that you get a chance to attend the live webinar. If you are seeing this page, that means the registrations are still open. I will take this page down once we are full.

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